We Help Get Rid of Headaches, Neck, & Back Pain. FAST!

Using Gentle Chiropractic & Muscle Therapies, We Help You Get Out Of Pain and Back To Doing What You Love!

Easy Steps to Begin Feeling Better NOW!


Set up an appointment to get started right away OR schedule a 15-minute meet n’ greet to answer any questions you may have. Scroll down or text 412-533-3008


In our initial one-hour discovery session, we sit down together, one-on-one, and I listen to your concerns. We then spend about 30 minutes thoroughly evaluating how you move and any restrictions you may have, while performing the appropriate orthopedic and neurological tests to rule out anything more insidious. If we can help, we will care for you on THAT day! If there's someone better to help you, we will introduce you. You will leave knowing exactly what’s happening and how to correct the problem.


Most people feel immediately better. During follow-up sessions, Dr. Jeff will continue to educate you, step-by-step, how to correct the issues that brought you here and teach you how to beat your pain for good so that it does not run your life. You likely didn’t wake up one morning with the problem, so to untangle the mess may take a few visits.


My Ears Are Burning...

About Us

Hey there!I'm Dr. Jeff Schoeller, a Pittsburgh Chiropractor specializing in helping people heal from auto accidents, (concussion & whiplash), sports injuries, and even the typical crick in the neck. Many desk jockeys are also weekend warriors and have many of the same issues that your favorite athletes also suffer. We are blessed enough to see both in our office. And moms. And kids. And Moms-to-be.We all know how pain can limit what we enjoy doing, or worse, hinder our ability to work and make a living. I've been there. I understand how important it is to get back to life. I also understand the importance of knowing how to protect oneself from repeat injury.We are unique in that we take the time to perform a comprehensive movement evaluation which looks at everything from the way you walk to even how the mouth moves. Why? Everything is connected. That's why back pain, neck pain, headaches, and even something silly like an ingrown toenail can all affect everything else. I am intentional about helping you heal. Together we will help you live pain-free and function as you were designed. With vitality and verve!

- Dr. Jeff


EXAM & 1st ADJUSTMENT - $150
Additional SOFT TISSUE - $25/15-min (the more work you need, the more time we may need)
(+ $20 for house-call)
General Reminder: Per insurance guidelines, if we haven’t seen you for more than six months, we must perform a ReExam. ReExams take longer and cost more, currently $100.Better Option: After you’ve completed the initial acute phase of care, get checked every 4-6 weeks to stay nimble and prevent flare-ups. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t neglect your teeth for that long, and we can’t just replace a vertebrae or nerve root as easily.

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