We love our clients. They are like family, so we treat them like family! I would not care for anyone that comes through our doors any differently than I would my own mother. And, as I’ve been told (too many times perhaps), I’m a momma’s boy. So, that should tell you a lot!

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katie n.

I became a patient of Dr. Jeff’s a couple of years ago while searching for treatment to help with injuries from a car accident. I tried chiropractic care as a last resort because I had a horrible chiropractic experience in the past, but Dr. Jeff single-handedly changed my opinions on Chiropractors and the benefits of chiropractic care! Dr. Jeff takes his time with his patients and he really listens to help determine what you’re needs are. From adjustments, to trigger points, to advice on stretching, diet and exercise; Dr. Jeff takes a comprehensive approach to help deal with injuries and chronic pain. As I mentioned, I had a really bad experience with a different chiropractor that left me terrified of having my neck cracked. I explained this fear to Dr. Jeff and he walked me through every step of the neck manipulation. His professionalism and calm demeanor helped set me at ease to have my neck and upper spine adjusted, and now I can’t believe I was ever able to function without it! Speaking of comfort, Dr. Jeff’s office has a great “spa-like” feel which helps you relax during the adjustments! Although I still feel the effects of my accident, Dr. Jeff has helped lessen my pain and stiffness, and taught me ways to increase the strength and flexibility of my neck and shoulders! Going to Dr. Jeff has been a real game-changer for me, and I’m forever grateful for his help!

If anyone in the Pittsburgh area is looking for an exceptional chiropractor, I would HIGHLY suggest giving Dr. Jeff a try—you won’t be disappointed!

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teresa l.

I never thought I could find a better chiropractor than my last, but I was wrong. Dr Jeff is the most knowledgeable chiropractor around who truly knows what he is doing. He cares about your results and making sure that you feel better. He’s not just a normal chiropractor, he makes it easy to talk to him on a personal level where it doesn’t have to be about what is wrong with your body. I highly recommend going to see Dr Jeff if you want to make your body feel better, but also for a good laugh and someone who makes you feel very welcomed!

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jennifer b.

I used to suffer from severe migraines and pinched nerves in my neck, to the point where Excedrin or prescription migraine medications wouldn’t help anymore. And then I saw Dr. Jeff. He was gentle, told me when to expect the adjustment and gave me exercises to do and now I am migraine free.
In the beginning, I had such a bad migraine and couldn’t drive so Dr. Jeff made a house call. Not only is Dr. Jeff an amazing Doctor, he is an amazing person that cares about his patients.

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shannon h.

I started seeing Dr. Jeff about 6 or 7 weeks before my son was due, having had been dealing with the worst back and hip pain during most of my pregnancy, I finally decided I really needed help! Dr. Jeff was wonderful. Had all kinds of special gadgets and pillows for my pregnant belly and went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable during every visit and adjustment. The one and only downfall is that I didn’t find him and the relief he gave me sooner in my pregnancy.

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chad g.

After seeing Dr Schoeller I felt great. I’ve had some back problems and problems with my shoulders and arm and he helped tremendously.  I recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a chiropractor.

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kirsten j.

Dr. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable & truly cares for his patients well being. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone!

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laura p.

Dr. Jeff has provided wonderful care for my husband, myself and our 2 toddlers. He has helped with general aches and pains as well as overall health and wellness. Scheduling is convenient. Office is kid friendly. I would recommend Dr. Jeff to anyone who is looking for a great chiropractor.

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michelle g.

I frequently have neck and back issues and after several adjustments by Dr. Jeff,  my neck and back pain is less and less everyday.  He really is a caring doctor and I would not go to anyone else. There is no need to suffer with back, hip or neck pain when Dr. Jeff is ready to help you.

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bernie & family

Bernie Family TestimonialMy family and I are so blessed that we met a Chiropractor who truly cared to help. Our health is so much better now after seeing Dr. Jeff. For my asthma, I was using my inhaler every day, now I use it maybe once a week. I am so amazed. I had lower back and neck pain which is so much better now. I believe Chiropractic care can help most people. I would see a Chiropractor before going to a regular doctor in the future because of our experience!

michelle p.

When first meeting Dr. Jeff, I felt a sense of relief. Here is a benevolent person who really spent the time to listen to my ailments. After my introduction he spent a moment describing himself and his mode of care. I don’t know about you but I like to know who my doctors are and what they believe will be my journey to healing. My experience with him has been more than helpful but truly pleasant. I would also like to add that Dr. Jeff offers mini health seminars once or twice a month. These have been beneficial and have offered me more insight into the realm of health. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment and become acquainted with Jeff.

jessica c.

Jeff’s the best!!‎ I first met Jeff a few months back. I was having a lot of problems with my back and neck and had finally decided it was time to see a chiropractor about my issues. I couldn’t have picked a better doc to help me with alleviating my back and neck pain and teaching me a better way to live and handle the stresses of everyday life. I feel like a new person and am able to function at a higher level which I thought would never be possible! I would recommend Dr. Jeff to anyone and everyone!!!

mike v.

I was a regular chiropractic patient for many years prior to moving to Denver 2 years ago. Since I’ve been here I just haven’t taken the time to find a new chiropractor. It’s the whole trust thing. Well finally I started hurting so bad I didn’t have a choice. I found Jeff at Thrive Wellness Studio and couldn’t have been more impressed. This isn’t your typical “crack and go” chiropractor’s office. They sincerely care about your total health and take the time to ask the right questions.

yet another mike

Mike's TestimonialI met Dr. Jeff in Greenland when he was playing guitar for the USO for the troops. My thumb had been hurting for 10 years and no doctors could tell me why.  Jeff took one look at it and put my hand in his…pop!  It felt immediately better. It hasn’t bothered me since. ‘Structure dictates function’ is what he said. I guess he was right! See you next time you’re in Greenland, Dr. Jeff!

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