Common Whiplash Myths

Whiplash is most commonly associated with the rapid, uncontrolled movement of the head as it whips back and forth during a motor vehicle collision. Though different types of injuries are associated with rear vs. front vs. side collisions, the net result is similar: the neck hurts! This month, we will look at several “myths” or untruths associated with the cause of whiplash or WAD, whiplash associated disorders.

This is exactly the opposite! Women are more vulnerable because they have LESS muscle mass, and hence, less tissue stopping the neck from going through a greater range of motion during the “crack the whip” process. Woman with long, slender necks are especially more vulnerable. They also take longer to recover and are more likely to suffer permanent residual problems long after their case settles.

Think You Have Whiplash?

Rest assured that prompt chiropractic care is the best approach for treatment of the whiplash injured patient.