Who Are We and Why Are We Different?

We are a place that thinks radically different about health. We are about people, Life and living, where your health, Life and Human Potential are honored and focused upon at all times. We will lead you to help shift your awareness toward a more vitalistic and holistic way of living.  We will help empower you to take responsibility for your own health and health decisions.  We realize that more and more people are interested in understanding how to take care of themselves and get more out of Life. We serve these needs with ongoing education and information, our intention is to lead people to their highest possibility.

You will be cared for as a unique individual and special human being; you will never be treated like a case with a condition, ID number or file. People here receive hope and inspiration instead of prognosis or prescription. We use our heads, hearts and hands to release the essence of Life (human electricity, chi, prana, life force, light, mental impulse). This is made through a precise chiropractic adjustment.

We serve all ages and walks of life…from newborns to their great-grandparents. People who are healthy and those who strive for health. With us, you will experience a different way of thinking about Life, healing and wellness. Where care is provided through an understanding and respect of the power that creates life.


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Jeff | The Guy

I help people engage in life, fully, by working with the body to eliminate interference and maximize the human potential that we all have to THRIVE. Through Chiropractic and educating clients on elevated nutrition, positive thought, proper movement, and stress-proofing our lives.

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Chiro | The Magic

Chiropractic was discovered in the late 1800’s and is one of the few fields that is a pure healthcare. Other healthcare professions focus on a problem and how to fix it. They are therefore not healthcare but rather sickness, disease, or injury care. These professions are very important in our society but they leave a large gap that can be filled by chiropractic.

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Verve | The Place

Verve 360 Wellness is where the magic happens. Verve is an all-encompasing oasis of healing in downtown Pittsburgh that offering massage, Pilates, aerial yoga as well as a full salon. Come in, get your healing on, get your hair did and a fantastic mani-pedi as well as top-of-the-line Skin Care.

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