Bubba Show – 100.7 Star

Jeff on the truck

Waaaaaay back in 2002 on the B94 Truck

A couple things were mentioned on the Bubba Show.  I highly recommend that you do at least these 7 things:

Dr. Jeff’s Top 7

  1. Cut out the SUGAR!
  2. Eat more healthy FATS
  3. MOVE! Weight training is best.  Burst Training
  4. Find a Doctor that thinks about vitality and not just dis-ease (Functional Medicine)
  5. Get your Vitamin D tested regularly and UP your Vit D3 intake accordingly
  6. Get hormones tested CORRECTLY (Local Compounding Pharmacy)
  7. Have you and your family’s nerve system checked REGULARLY by a Chiropractor

Chiropractor Education

A question was asked about the education of Doctors of Chiropractic vs. Medical Doctors

*I, by mistake, stated that D.O.’s branched away from the allopathic model.  They did not. Sorry to my D.O. friends out there.